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1 package Mallomars or mini chocolate donuts (should be 18 in a package of Mallomars)
18 larger Cookies
36 mini pretzels for antlers
36 candy eyes
18 small red candies for noses
a small tube white icing
a block almond bark/candy coating, or a few handfuls of candy melts
Mini M'Ms, sprinkles or any small candy or decoration you like for the sides

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Easy Reindeer Cookies Recipe {No-Bake}

These reindeer cookies are so easy and cute and fun to make and all you do is put store-bought ingredients together. I am so making these with my children every Christmas!

  • 30 mins
  • Easy




I love these easy reindeer cookies because they’re so fun and Christmassy, and so easy to make. Assembling them is a breeze, and they really hold together well. They’re perfect for parties! Those cute little faces get everyone smiling and in the mood for some holiday fun.

They’re very easy to make. No baking or cooking is needed, apart from melting some candy coating in your microwave. All you’ll need is a package of Mallomar cookies, a package of your favorite cookies that are a bit wider in diameter than the Mallomars, some small pretzels for antlers, some candy eyes, a little tube of white icing to draw on mouths, some mini M’Ms or your favorite small candies for noses and decoration and a little candy melt to hold everything together.

We just loved all the little reindeer Christmas treats we found on Pinterest, but when it came to making them they were often a lot harder than they looked. We found the ones where you need to neatly break small pretzels in half especially frustrating. It was just too hard for us! That’s what lead us to come up with these easy reindeer cookies. Using a larger cookie as a base made everything much easier, especially for little hands, and you can just stick the pretzel antlers right too it instead of fiddling around breaking them and trying stick them into the sides. And then you can decorate the base cookie too, which is extra fun!

They’re very tasty. It’s like getting a bunch of yummy treats in one adorable cookie. If you don’t love Mallomars, mini chocolate donuts would also work, but the face will have a different shape.

We used very inexpensive crunchy oatmeal cookies for the base, but you can use any larger cookie you like. Chocolate, chocolate chip, iced oatmeal or even large gingerbread cookies would all look cool and taste delicious.

This is a great project for kids to get involved with. A grown-up will need to melt the candy coating, but kids can do everything else easily. Assembling the cookies is super easy, and it’s lots of fun deciding how to place the eyes, draw the mouths and decorate the sides. Every cookie will be a little different.

Sticking the reindeer faces to a larger base cookie makes them a lot easier to do and much more stable. These don’t fall apart unless you drop them or really bang them around. The larger base cookie can also be decorated to look like a wreath, a scarf, or just fun and festive, and every one can be different. Decorating the base cookie is one of the most fun parts, and gives kids a chance to get creative and make each cookie unique.

Making points:

You can use any kind of candy coating or candy melts you like, but white or brown types may look less obvious on the finished cookies.

Work on a piece of waxed paper. It makes cleanup easier, and if you happen to drip some candy coating while you’re making the reindeer they’ll peel off easily.

You can make all the mouths look different, which will give the reindeer different expressions. That can be very cute! If you want to make them like we did in these pictures, all having a similar smile, it’s very easy. Start by drawing on the corners of the mouth first as guidelines, then make a half circle connecting them. You’ll have a nice, big smile on your reindeer that’s easy to do again and again.

We used plain pretzels for these, but white or chocolate-dipped pretzels would also look great and taste extra decadent and delicious.

If you’re not sure what type of candy you’d like to use for the noses, we’ve found that regular or mini M’Ms, Sixlets and Red Hots all look very cute and are easy to stick on. We used red Sixlets for the reindeer in the pictures because they stand up a little bit and really reminded us of Rudolph’s red, glowing nose.

We found the pre-made candy eyes in the cake decorating section of Walmart’s craft department. If you don’t want to use those we’ve also made the eyes by sticking on white Sixlets and dotting the pupils on with a toothpick dipped in melted chocolate. It’s a little more work and all the eyes are going to be different if you do it that way, but that can be a good thing. Another fun thing about that method is picking where the pupils will go – close together, looking up, one looking down and one looking up for a “googley-eye” look. Lots of possibilities!

We found it was very easy to apply the melted candy coating with regular kitchen spoons, but you can also use dollar store crafting paintbrushes you don’t mind throwing away when you’re done. They make cleanup a little easier, and kids might find them a little more fun to use.

Don’t skimp on the melted candy coating to hold the pieces together, especially when it comes to securing the antlers. We found that it’s better to be generous with it than to use as little as possible in an effort to make the cookies look super neat. Not using enough candy coating gave up insecure antlers that tended to pop off too easily.

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Assemble all the pieces for one reindeer. You'll need a Mallomar, a base cookie, two pretzel antlers, two candy eyes and a red candy nose. Have sprinkles and extra candies for decoration handy.


Melt the candy coating in the microwave, stirring every 30 seconds or so.


Use a spoon to smear a dollop of candy coating on the bottom of the Mallomar. Stick the Mallomar to the base cookie, slightly off center/near the edge.


Dollop a little candy melt right above the Mallomar and stick on two pretzels for antlers. Hold them in place for a few seconds until they dry.


Use candy melt to stick on two eyes. We did ours right on top of the antlers.


Use candy melt to place a nose near the center of the Mallomar.


Use the tube of icing to draw on a mouth, however you like.


Smear some candy melt on the sides of the base cookie and decorate with extra candy, sprinkles, etc.

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