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1 package Mallomar cookies (18 in a package)
36 mini pretzels
36 candy eyes
18 red candy noses (we used mini M'Ms, but any small candy will work)
1 small tube white icing
1 block almond bark/candy melt, or a handful of candy melts (white or chocolate)

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Quick & Easy Baby Reindeer Cookies Recipe

These baby reindeer cookies are so quick and easy to throw together and fun for my kid's to make. Definitely going to my Christmas cookie list to make every year.

  • 30 mins
  • Easy




These baby reindeer cookies are so sweet and adorable! Their little faces just make you laugh. And they’re so easy to make that kids of all ages can have a great time making a batch.

I’ve tried to make quite a few reindeer-type Christmas cookies, and for many of them you need to neatly break pretzels in half. For me, that’s practically impossible! I like making these because there’s no fiddling around, trying to break pretzels in half. Just stick the whole pretzels to the cookies, and they look like cute little antlers.When you do it this way the antlers look a little short. That’s what makes them baby reindeer!

These are some of the easiest Christmas treats I’ve made. They’re quick and simple, but lots of fun. The hardest part is eating them. They’re so cute that we almost don’t want to!

All you need to do for these is stick pretzel antlers, candy eyes and a candy nose onto a thick chocolate cookie with candy melts. We used Mallomars for the cookie because they’re a great size and shape for baby reindeer heads, but you could use any thick, chocolate-coated cookie you like. Draw on a cute little smile with a tube of white icing to finish them off.

These are lots of fun for kids to make. An adult will need to melt the candy coating in the microwave since it gets pretty hot, but kids can do the rest of the steps easily. Assembling the cookies is very simple, and you can place the eyes and mouths differently on each one if you like. Every cookie can be unique!

Making points:

Any kind of candy coating or candy melts will work to hold the baby reindeer together, but white or brown varieties blend in a little better on the finished cookies.

Working on pieces of waxed paper makes cleaning up quick and easy. It’s also helpful because once the cookies are dry, they’ll peel right off the waxed paper no matter how messy you are with the candy coating.

We had the best luck putting on the noses before we drew on the mouths. That way we had an idea where to start drawing the mouths, and we didn’t smear them before they were dry. Saving the mouths to be the last step made it easier for us, and we ended up with cuter, neater cookies.

We used plain pretzels for the antlers, but white or chocolate-dipped pretzels would also look nice and give an extra level of yumminess.

We found that you can get pretty creative when it comes to the candy noses. If you can’t decide what to use, regular or mini M’Ms, Sixlets and Red Hots are all easy to stick on and look very cute. We used red mini M’Ms for the baby reindeer in these pics, but you don’t even need to use red candies. We like sticking with red for the classic Rudolph look.

We bought pre-made candy eyes in the cake decorating section of Walmart’s craft department. They’re very inexpensive, and definitely the quickest and easiest way to make the faces. If you don’t have those on hand or want to try something a little different, you can also make eyes by sticking on white Sixlets, M’Ms, SweetTarts or any small white candy and dotting the pupils on with a toothpick dipped in melted chocolate. It’s a little more effort and all the eyes are going to be a bit different, but that can be the best part. Choosing where the dots of the eyes go – close together, looking up, one looking down and one looking up for a “googley-eye” look – is lots of fun, especially for kids (and grown-ups) who like getting a little creative.

It’s very easy to paint the melted candy coating on with regular kitchen spoons, but we’ve also used dollar store crafting paintbrushes and then just threw them away when we were done. They make cleanup super quick, and bring a little extra fun to the project. You could also use disposable plastic spoons.

Be sure to use plenty of melted candy coating to stick on the antlers, eyes and nose. That way you can be sure they’ll stay on. They’re also more secure if your candy coating is very hot. The hotter the candy coating, the better the pieces will bond to the chocolate-coated cookie that makes the head.

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Assemble all the pieces for a baby reindeer - one Mallomar, two pretzels, two eyes, one candy nose.


Melt the almond bark/candy melt in the microwave, stirring every 30 seconds or so.


Use a spoon, toothpick or disposable craft paintbrush to spread melted candy on the bottom half of one pretzel antler. Stick it to the back of the Mallomar so the top half shows from the front. Repeat with the other antler. Let them set for a few seconds.


Dab melted candy on the backs of the candy eyes, and place them on the Mallomar.


Dab melted candy onto a candy nose and stick it on.


Draw on a mouth with the tube of white icing.

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